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Experts in robotic systems applied to Security and Safety, Defense and Health, ROBOOST is recognised today in the research and innovative project management applied to security challenges.


The objective of these programs is not to substitute the human, on the contrary to support its work evolution by giving further means to be more protected against the new threats. Through their works, ROBOOST and its partners provides robotic solutions serving the humans and ensure their safety and wellness.


This is thanks to such programs that we are developing the tools that enhance and simplify the misisons and tasks of the operators, enable them to aquire new competencies and be more efficient. The human remains the main essential actor, and as the pilot of the given missions.


Design & Innovation


ROBOOST evaluate the needs, and then design in close cooperation with the Clients Partners the systems, on the requirments basis, including technical specifications, performances and operational concepts.

The conception relies on existing technological bricks coupled with tailor made innovative adaptations and Research and Developpment actions.


Development & Demonstrator


The prototyping works are conducted with industrials partners (SME, MSC, major Groups) with a Research and Development support from academic partners: Engineering School Labs, Universities and via Research Institutions such as Carnot Instituts etc.


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The ROBOOST consortium brings together partners providing effector bricks/neutralisation means making up a multilayer dome. The consortium has been selected by a panel of experts of the SGDSN in order to cover the objectives of the Paris Olympic Games 2024 Call for Project N°4, related to the « Neutralisaiton of Malicious Drones ».

The partners are: BPSYS (4G jamming- Nuances Technologies), CLBS (Blinding Laser Projector- Nexvision), HELMA-P (LiDAR Optronic turret and High Power Laser-CILAS), COPAME and DroneSniper (directed energy weapon and lightweight-compact jammer- ITHPP-ALCEN) and DroneBlocker (Hijacking-Trustcoms) and the Institute of Saint Louis (ISL) as part of their laser/ matter interactions works and researchs related to High Power electromagnetic sources.

The consortiumum proposals has been associated with ADP solution (Hologarde). ROBOOST and DroneBlocker have been also presented with their partner THALES.

Partenaires / Partners:

Integrated Anti-Drones System (System Protection Integrated anti-Drone)

All weather, modular, adaptable to the target to be protected, fitted to fixed and mobile applications, efficient in urban and rural environnments.

An innovative program, meeting the public authorities expectations, a drone detection and neutralisaiton solution based on complementary technologies: acoustic, optronic, radiogoniometry and radars.

Roboost ensured the scientific and technical managment of SPID.




SPID partners

End users

SPID End users


SPID Clients
  Anti-drones fighting /C-UAS : SPID Program

Malicious Approach Detection for Drones Neutralization

In parallel to SPID program, ROBOOST has been end user of a DGA Rapid project named DAMNED and piloted by Inpixal. The aim of the work was mainly to improve the processing of the Panodrone system in order to differentiate an UAV from a bird.

ROBOOST was in charge of expressing the needs and then conducted operational tests with two of its Governmental Client-Partners.

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Clients / Customers :
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Depending the level of threats requiring it, DroneBlocker could be associated with radars that ensure the surveillance, detection and tracking of illicit UAVs, coupled with one or more optronic turrets, which ensure, from a target designation coming from the radar, the recognition, identification and classification of the UAV.

ROBOOST partners are ROBIN in radar and SYT Technologies in optronics.

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DroneBlocker - Anti-drones fighting /C-UAS

Modular RF (Radio Frequency) anti-drones system with extensive capabilities from detection, identification, classification, localisation (drones and their pilots) to progressive and intelligent neutralisation.

The innovative system, adapted to asymmetric threats, aligned with domestic legal and security requirements and future ready, is not only capable of interrupting the data link between the machine and its remote control without affecting nearby communications, but also of taking control of Wi-Fi and frequency hopping RF UAVs (FHSS).

 Exclusive partnership TRUSTCOMS - ROBOOST

UAVs and balloons, captive or in flight

ROBOOST, through its activity as a system integrator, carries out a permanent technological watch on new innovative air, ground and surface vectors, as well as payloads. ROBOOST also conducts evaluation studies of new vector concepts.

These programs make it possible to meet new innovative start-ups and to initiate cooperation in the context of ambitious custom projects through long-term partnership contracts.

It is also an opportunity for our partners to develop their solutions through our operational concepts in close cooperation with our clients, our expertise in the field of robotics, obtaining contracts or seeking funding that will make these R&D efforts profitable and thus enable our partners to position themselves in new fields of activity through these applications.

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Robotic personal assistance systems

ROBOOST aims to develop robotic systems to assist people, particularly those with reduced mobility. Technological monitoring and watch works are under way in this field.

Calling unmanned solutions in the health domain

ROBOOST and its partners are currently conducting a feasibility study in the field of health-related medical parcel delivery. Beyond the technical feasibility of the project, the technological choices and the development of adapted UAV solutions, ROBOOST also ensures the financial engineering and financing seeking which are supporting this type of program.

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