ROBOOST also ensure the training, an essential key to the proper use of robotic systems, as well as their efficient operational deployment, relying on expert partners in the various fields of land/air/marine use.



ROBOOST is supporting its clients in the contruction of their specific and fitted training programs.

BYBLOS Group owns a subsidiary company specialised in training in the fields of security, safety and defence: BLUE CONCEPT. Its motto is: "Have the right reflex, develop your skills in safety and security prevention".

This entity trains the Group's staff and the staff from other clients companies. BLUE CONCEPT has 4 training sites: Bonneuil (94), Quétigny (21), Villeurbanne (69), Saint-Jean-de-Luz (64).

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BYBLOS Group has also been the project leader of a PIA2 program related to the creation of a training school in public and private security, LSBS "Lyon Security Business School". ROBOOST piloted the school project and more particularly the development of innovative training tools in the field based on virtual reality, simulators and serious games.

These concepts have been developed with ROBOOST's partners such as SPEEDERNET, ITYCOM, the INSTITUT IMAGE - Research Unit of the University of Burgundy, Arts et Métiers, CNRS and IGO.

Partenaires / Partners:

ROBOOST assists its Clients Partners in defining the appropritate training solution to be implemented according to their specifications or requirements.

ROBOOST is in charge of the conception and deployement of the selected system(s) on the client site, in cooperation with BYBLOS Group.

ROBOOST and its partner’s ensures the operational, and maintencnance in operational of these vectors (such as UAVs, robots, anti-UAVs and anti-robots OEM).

ROBOOST and its partner ALTAMETRIS ensure UAV Pilots certified training in compliance with DGAC (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations.

ROBOOST adresses its partners ALTAMETRIS and DRONEREPONSE to ensure UAV Pilots certified training in compliance with DGAC (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations.

In parallel, for security but also in civil industrial applications request, ROBOOST cooperates with ALTAMETRIS on specific UAV systems and their optimizations fitted to specialized missions: we provide an efficient understanding of the equipment that shall be acquired but also of the data processing software, with basic training and consultancy services required to launch successfully your activities.


Partenaires / Partners: