In Partnership with ALTAMETRIS, ROBOOST propose of robotic surveillance systems including drone and/or unmanned ground vehicles. ROBOOST is also collaborating with other partners for surface and/or underwater robots.

Sensitive sites and Smart city

These systems cover air, land and sea missions.

Advanced piloting

The system is controlled from a single GUI, close to the system during tactical deployments, or on a remote server in a security or inspection command post, located on site, or even a few miles away from the target site, or even thousands of miles away.

Vectors, drones and robots use a private and totally secured 4G bubble as a network as well as all means of communication: on-site or field operators receive real time images of interest on a smartphone or tablet (RVT remote video terminal).

ROBOOST's partner for this 4G bubble is AirLynx.

Warehouse protection
Factory protection


Thethered Drone documentation

>Wired drone datasheet

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