The ROBOOST consortium brings together partners providing effector bricks/neutralisation means making up a multilayer dome. The consortium has been selected by a panel of experts of the SGDSN in order to cover the objectives of the Paris Olympic Games 2024 Call for Project N°4, related to the « Neutralisaiton of Malicious Drones ».

The partners are: BPSYS (4G jamming- Nuances Technologies), CLBS (Blinding Laser Projector- Nexvision), HELMA-P (LiDAR Optronic turret and High Power Laser-CILAS), COPAME and DroneSniper (directed energy weapon and lightweight-compact jammer- ITHPP-ALCEN) and DroneBlocker (Hijacking-Trustcoms) and the Institute of Saint Louis (ISL) as part of their laser/ matter interactions works and researchs related to High Power electromagnetic sources.

The consortiumum proposals has been associated with ADP solution (Hologarde). ROBOOST and DroneBlocker have been also presented with their partner THALES.

Partenaires / Partners: