ROBOOST designs, manufactures and integrates robotic systems in the fields of Safety and Security, Defence and Health.

ROBOOST propose systems and solutions developed and deployed with its partners.

To cover your needs, ROBOOST carries out the study and defines the appropriate solution, builds the selected system then implements it on site or makes it available, with operator training courses, or it deployment if necessary, and ensures all maintenance support in operational conditions.

ROBOOST offers its solutions through sales, leasing or services to adapt to the needs, decisions and constraints of its clients.


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Once the products are validated as "fully operational" with the End user, ROBOOST ensure their production, its certifications, marketing and sales operations across the world.



ROBOOST ensures the training of the end users (operators), the deployment on sites in all the countries, then the on-site support and its maintenance in operational conditions (MOC).


Products & Solutions

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Secure Private 4G LTE Network – Air-Lynx

Implementation of a resilient 4G LTE indoor and outdoor end to end secured “bubble”:

  • Autonomous private inter-team communications network (eMLR, telephony, interoperability with existing systems): Push to Talk. Instant call set-up, Individual calls, Group calls, Emergency calls, Caller identification/authentification, Dynamic grouping, Priority calls, Pre-emptive calls, Short messages, Acknowledgements, Image transmission etc.
  • Geolocation: Local map, Geolocation of other agents, "Click to call / Click to view" function, Position of fixed and mobile terminals (cameras, drones), positioning update in real time.
  • High-speed data transmission: retransmission of video surveillance data, connection of autonomous or remotely operated UAV or UGV systems, data from site monitoring systems in real time (sensors and equipment dedicated to the business activity).
 Secure Private 4G LTE Network
Partenaires / Partners:

3D platform and C2 system - IGO

The 3D platform and its associated C2 allow to centralize and visualize all the information. This allows to asset the situation (consultation, decision and communication tools), and to organise an efficient intervention by piloting the subsystems:

  • Define the implementation of the means on-site via the platform (inter-visibility studies etc.)
  • 3D modelling of the site (indoor and outdoor mapping)*
  • Access control and flow management, location of people and vehicles on the site
  • Supervision via the 3D carto: federating smart sensors, SDI, integration of video-protection flows, radar and optronic data, etc.
  • Real-time tactical situation awareness via 3D mapping
  • Visualization clone/digital twin (for intervention preparation)
  • Maintenance Assistance Tool
  • Risk analysis tool
  • Data processing (3D Mesh 3D models and CityGML structured models)

*Data acquisition by ALTAMETRIS with man-pack, UAV and/or helicopter (LiDAR, photogrammetry)

Partenaires / Partners:

Detection and Neutralization of UAVs and pilots - DRONEBLOCKER

DroneBlocker is an innovative system offering extended capabilities from detection to progressive and intelligent neutralization of malicious drones.

A turnkey solution, easy to deploy and fitted to multiple fields of application:

  • Public and private events
  • Prison infrastructure
  • Official buildings (Palaces)
  • Transport infrastructure: Airports, Ports, Railways
  • Critical infrastructures, Essential operators (Industry, Nuclear, Oil and Gas)
  • Military infrastructure
  • Espionage

It operates in all weathers: day, night, rain, fog ... and works 24/7.

Available in deployable version, in fixed version for infrastructure and in embedded version on a mobile vector (air, land or surface vehicle).

 RF Anti-drones system
Partenaires / Partners:

Robotic perimeter protection - ALTAMETRIS

Solutions for perimeter fenses surveillance and potential passage areas thanks to rugged UGV/robots, supporting security teams in charge of site protection

  • Fence control
  • Video alarm confirmations for operators
  • Automatic watch with integration of advanced algorithmic solutions (SLAM):
    • Intruder Detection
    • Detection of objects, vehicles...


Partenaires / Partners:

Building and Asset Protection - ALTAMETRIS

Solutions for site surveillance (warehouse, storage areas, freight zones,...), automatic detection of “changes” on site, door-closing control, fast alarm verifications via dedicated robust ground robots, accompanying the teams in charge of site protection:

  • Deployment of appropriate sensor solutions
  • Real-time 3D reconstruction:
    • SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) based on images
    • LOAM (LiDAR Odometry And Mapping)
  • Combination with video and thermal cameras for efficient and simple alarm verifications
  • Integration of activity sensors (gas, radiation, etc.) for precise risk characterization and mapping
  • Integration on any type of vector (according to environmental constraints).


Partenaires / Partners:

Protection of the outer volume buildings - DroneHive

Dedicated to automatic protection missions (patrols), alarms verification and to ensure safety (inspections) missions.

All Take-off phases, mission orders, landings, data transmission and autonomy management (battery recharge) are easily and automatically managed via a web platform. Roboost associates the DroneHive with its integrated solutions.

  • Complete automation of the UAV operation process
    • UAV take-off, landing and storage protection box
    • Simplified control interface
      • Autonomous flight
      • Supervised flight
      • Real-time analysis of the data collected
  • Selection of the UAV vector and payload (EO/IR, photo, thermal, etc.) according to the constraints of the site and the missions assigned.


  Autonomous and automatic UAV solutions
Partenaires / Partners:

Tracking, sharing, electronic traceability of events - JAGUARDS


The Electronic Daily Log & Reporting system ensures tracking, sharing between different departments, the complete and forgery-proof traceability of major events and guarantees an improvement in the resilience of organizations:

  • Decision Aids,
  • Industrial maintenance management,
  • Ressources committed Management,
  • Access control Management for sensitive sites (visitors),
  • Photo and video uploads and other Daily Log & Reporting features,
  • Sharing information with the forces (Gendarmerie, Fire Brigade, EMS etc.),
  • Tracking and tracing of events (interventions management, incidents, telephone and radio calls, alarms, visitors, etc.),
  • social networks Scanning


Partenaires / Partners:

Aerial vectors dedicated to security missions - ALTAMETRIS, BladeTips Energy, ROBOOST

Innovative aerial vectors equipped with sensors dedicated to ground movements and/or intrusions are covering the main mission and requirements of the security staffs such as detections identification, localisation and tracking in real time, day and night.

  • Elongation UAV: BladeTips Energy dedicated to extended surveillance missions
  • The Companion, a remote eye supporting the ground operators: alarm verification / "lightning raid", Localized intrusions, surveillance watch assistance
  • Tethered UAV, BladeTips Energy: 3D Permanent monitoring for long duration missions.
 Aerial ressources of surveillance and protection
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