DroneBlocker has been deployed at Le Bourget, during the ceremony on July 14, 2017, as well as on two penitentiary infrastructures.

DroneBlocker (WiFi version) is finalized since mid 2016. In 2017, the system has been operated during major events in its deployable version, and as a fixed version to protect sensitive sites.

The French Air Force selected DroneBlocker to reinforce its Air Defence system during the Paris Air Show with the implementation of two systems and also during the ceremony of July 14th on the Champs Elysées and the Concorde, with the deployment of one system. These systems have been implemented by BYBLOS Group, TRUSTCOMS and ROBOOST staff (under the commandment of the Air Force), integrated as part of the protection system deployed by the French Air Force.

In the same way, the Penitentiary Administration has selected DroneBlocker for long-term protection experimentations on two sites. Penitentiary Administration personnel have been trained to implement and operate these systems successfully, for 24/7 operations.

These references are essential for ROBOOST, because these Client /Partners have appropriated the systems, and benefit from an important operational RETEX as well as ROBOOST which supports them to ensure the success of their missions and their operational concepts.

Other ministries and operational entities are preparing similar operations

See the Documentary “Complement d’enquete” on French TV (France2) showing the use of DroneBlocker in Lille-Sequedin prison.