DroneBlocker in demonstration at the second international seminar on UAVs and sensitive sites


ROBOOST participated to the first Anti Drone International workshop in Avignon on November 7th and 8th, 2017 related to detection, identification and anti UAV technologies, and was present again during the second international seminar on UAVs and sensitive sites in Avignon on October 3rd and 4th, 2018.

This operation was conducted in partnership with Thales and ADP.

DroneBlocker wifi was presented in dynamic demonstration with the following scenario:

  • deployment of the system
  • GUI presentation
  • nano drone (Cheerson) : indoor detection of the drone and the pilot, and localization, in the hangar
  • presentation, then disconnection
  • micro UAV Bebop 2 : indoor detection in a vehicle, of the UAV and the pilot, and then tracking during its move to the runway
  • Bebop 2 manual flight: outdoor detection, locating the UAV and the pilot, and take over
  • automatic flight by waypoints Bebop 2: outdoor detection, location, control takeover
  • multi drone attack : 3 Bebop 2 on the North, East, West axis and a Disco on the South axis ;
  • synchronized takeoffs, outdoor detection and localization of drones and pilots, tracking,
  • takeover of the Disco video link
  • reporting of flights achieved during the POC, and recordings made.

International Workshop Video

2018 avignon